Slowly but surely and most definitely certainly.

Slowly but surely and most definitely certainly.

A wee update for you, but mostly for me, to keep track of my ups, downs, and most definitely my slow but sure progress. Event design has taken a back seat as I focus on getting my feet back firmly on the ground.

The most exciting news is that I have been accepted into Auckland University of Technology and will be packing my suitcases, bags and trunk next year and re-locating to the big city of Auckland where I will be doing a Bachelor of Arts in Event Management. My Father and I visited this crazy busy city a few weeks ago. I thought I had better introduce myself to Auckland and make sure she was certain she wanted me there. Because of this acceptance and my almost certain re-location for March next year I have been working frantically to save, as Auckland accommodation is not the cheapest.

So apart from doing a few decorations and invitation design for some friends and family, I have spent the majority of my free time exploring the greater Wellington region, pine forests, parks and bush tracks with some willing friends. Oh! One thing I can report back is I found a wonderful graphic designer to create me a logo and header image for my website. Give it a couple of weeks and it should all be up and running.

I have such big dreams and aspirations when it comes to event design and sometimes it’s so incredibly frustrating when things do not seem to be moving forward but I cannot stress the importance of taking time to just be, and making time for all the little things you always want to do but never get around to doing. It’s so good for you sometimes to just be. The below video is a beautiful and constant reminder of this.

Name Choices

Name choice

When choosing a name for your baby the Internet provides you with a massive amount of support and encouragement. What to call your baby and more importantly, what NOT to call your baby. There are even lists upon lists of name definitions and even name origins. Now before I continue I’m just going to stop my parents freaking out, ( as much fun as it is ) and state that sadly I am not pregnant, up the duff or have any type of bun in the oven ! I am in fact trying to decide on a name for my first ever website, exciting! It may only be a small step but a step that I’m getting more and more excited about by the day! My lovely mother has taken on the role of website designer as all this code business makes my head hurt. There is only two main things left to do. One find a graphic designer, ( eeek proving more difficult than I thought , please let me know if you have any talented friends ) , and two picking a name. I’ve crossed and scribbled my list down to three possible names; Number Eight Wire, All in Good Company and The Salt of the Earth. ‘Event design’ will follow the chosen name and be presented in (here’s hoping) a fancy graphic design. Be sure to let me know which one least reminds you of an annoying co-worker or that kid who bullied you at school!

That’s all for now ,Much Joy

Joanna x

I Dream of Crockery Sets

Thank God for the Grover’s.

I day dream about table placements and I dream about crockery sets, not something I tend to admit when the occasional person will ask me, ‘so what are some of your wildest dreams?’ But none the less , ill humbly admit to it now, that the idea of a well laid out table excites me. So you can imagine my joy when at the very top of our crockery cupboard I stumbled across a wedding present that my parents had been given by, (after some investigation) great grandpa and great grandma Grover. Although previously my days had been filled by to do lists for the Flower Potluck I did manage to score myself a little pocket of time and along with my Gem of a friend managed to have a wee play around with this new found crockery set. Take a look, its incredibly simple, creams, browns, greens and just a hint of yellow perfect for a spring lunch, there’s an idea !


The Do’s and Don’ts of a Flower Potluck

blogpostlineup1Golly what a weekend and a beautiful one at that. If you are ever in the North Island in New Zealand do not miss the opportunity to head over the hill into the beautiful town made up of vineyards that is Martinborough. From the crazy drive up and over the Rimutakas in torrential rain (thank God a people mover was in front of us to set the pace) , hectic set up, non-stop photographs, laughs, chocolates, cake, S’mores , ‘ borrowing’ flowers from peoples gardens, to the quiet of the cottage once everyone had departed and the slow lazy drive home. My first Flower Potluck was for no want of a better word, “perfect”. But not without flaws which is lovely. Perfection is beauty with all its flaws. Here is a little list of things I may or may not do differently next time round.

  • Do not put your bouquets and jars of flowers on your car roof and then forget to take them down before driving off.
  • Do bike around town or go for a bush walk in search of greenery and flowers.
  • Do not get caught by angry neighbours whose flowers you are trying to ‘ borrow’
  • Do wear head torches and balaclavas and hunt for your flowers at night.
  • Do not be afraid to visit your local florist or dairy if your neighbours gardens turn out to be a disappointment.
  • Always wear dungarees or overalls when prepping and setting up an event.
  • Always have lots of coffee, tea and chocolate on hand.
  • Learn the art of making s’mores before attempting to make them. Realize that wooden skewers tend to catch on fire alongside the marshmallow.
  • Do make two cakes, a practice one and a perfect one.
  • Do know where your nearest cake store/ bakery is if like in my case both cakes look like a five year old made them.
  • Do not throw any practice cakes out – they make for excellent nibbles, or breakfasts, or lunchs or dinners!
  • Do not worry if people cancel or can’t make it ( something I really need to learn )
  • Do research how to actually make a bouquet of flowers before attending a flower potluck unless you are naturally creative then good on you please share with me your talent.
  • Always carry a pair of scissors and duct tape.
  • Do make a plan and schedule for set up, regardless of whether it gets stuck to or not, it will help you feel sane.
  • Do embrace the rain.
  • Do be grateful for wonderful friends.
  • Do handle flowers with care.
  • Do not mistake flower and plant water for drinking water.
  • Do budget better. Unlike some flowers, money does not grow on trees.
  • Do take multiple multi plugs.

Ill be posting up some photos and footage under my ‘Small Gatherings’ page soon. Happy reading Grandma and my handful of wonderful readers.


Done & Dusted

A massive thank you to all the beautiful girls who attended The Flower Potluck in Martinborough this weekend. I am pretty darn lucky to have such an awesome group of friends. Also a massive thank you to Sam Gorham who without none of this would be possible. Here is a sneak peak of a goodie from the weekend more will be uploaded this week along with a short , sweet and simple list on the do’s and don’ts of a Flower Potluck. 

Save The Date

The key to a good attendance at any event is to plan so far in advance,  that you can trap people into saving the date before they have time to think of an excuse not to come.  Ok well not really but planning ahead does save a lot of stress.  In saying this I am a little bit more talk than I am walk. Instead of sending out invites months in advance I picked up the phone, called my friends demanded they save the date and then spent my sweet time making invitations. But my sweet time paid of and I ended up with these gems for invitation. (The front is on the left and the back is the right )

Blog image ( invites)Simplicity is my personal love along with anything pretty. The downfall in this is there is a lot of pretty in this world, so I find it a struggle in life, but especially in graphic design to minimalize and limit.  I’m very much a less is more girl and I try and take that and reflect it in my design work. I love empty space. If I had my way my invitations would have a name, address, date and maybe a nice flower. Unfortunately because a flower potluck is a relatively new idea these invitations required a bit more information.  But they say a picture says a thousand words and I’ve already typed 221 of them so ill stop rambling and you can have a peek at the invitations.

EnvelopeUnfortunately due to my lack of pen and paper artistic ability and my limited time, I purchased these incredibly beautiful floral designs off Alisa Foytik . Much thanks and credit to her.  And to my favorite design store ‘Minerva’  , for the vintage envelopes. Despite the mile long uphill trek to your shops its still 100% worth it.